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Collars & Co. In the Press

I recently came across an forward-thinking menswear item from Collars & Co. The progressive brand has changed the game in the shirting industry. They developed an original dress-collar polo. Essentially, it is a comfortable stretch polo shirt with a structured dress collar. The style provides a hassle-free way to look polished with all the benefits of a classic dress shirt. I own one and I fully endorse the item. More importantly, I am interested in watching this brands development - moving into the near future.

Menswear Focuses Strongly On Sustainability And Craftsmanship In 2022 Joseph DeAcetis | Dec 3, 2021

This innovative polo shirt will make going from the office to the course easier than ever. The viral product combines a formal English dress collar with the silhouette of a 4-way stretch short-sleeved polo shirt. Layer with a jacket or sweater during the work day for a comfortable but professional look and shed down to the polo when it’s time to hit the links.

7 viral TikTok and Instagram golf products worth trying out Gabrielle Herzig | Jan 6, 2022

One success story Johnson offers is that of Justin Baer, the founder of menswear brand Collars and Co., which has nearly 32,000 followers on the app. Baer started last April with a video recorded by his 7-year-old daughter on an iPhone, which got 50,000 views by the end of the day. Since generating $40,000 in the first month following the release of the video, the company's sales have increased an average of 40 percent a month.

The entrepreneur recommends small-business owners start simple. "I think people get caught up in being perfect," Baer says. "Just get it out there and test it. TikTok is a great proving ground." 

4 Tips for Building a Following -- and a Robust Revenue Stream -- on TikTok Hannah Hall | Feb 9, 2022

In April, Justin Baer posted a video on his TikTok, where he had almost no audience to speak of. The video showed him talking about the problem that inspired his brand, Collars & Co. — the annoyance of wearing a lumpy collared shirt under a sweater — along with a demonstration of his alternative.

The featured shirt has a dressy collar but a soft pullover body meant to look smooth and seamless under a sweater. Baer had only ordered a small batch of 500 pieces, not sure if it would actually take off. But the video went viral, being viewed more than 800,000 times. Within two days, the company had sold out all 500 pieces. Within four months, Baer went from buying 500 shirts at a time to buying 6,000 at a time. Soon, he said, he’ll be increasing those orders to 10,000 to keep up with demand.

How a buzzy new brand is scaling up in the midst of a global supply chain crisis Danny Parisi | Sep 20, 2021


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