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A Guide to the 2024 NFL Draft

The 2024 NFL draft begins tonight in Detroit, with the first round kicking off at 8pm (ET) and the remaining 6 rounds lasting through Saturday. It’s an exciting (and nerve-wracking) few days for fans and players alike as the prospect of getting the best new talent gives renewed hope to all 31 teams that didn't win the Lombardi trophy last season (ie: every team that isn't the Kansas City Chiefs). Each team has its own unique player needs, but a premium is usually placed on the quarterback position - this year is no exception.

man wearing dress shirt for sports draft

Who to Watch

A few standout college QB’s; Caleb Williams (USC), Drake Maye (North Carolina), JJ McCarthy (Michigan), and Jayden Daniels (LSU), are likely to be the first picks of this year's draft - with Williams all but certain to go to Chicago as the #1 overall pick. Washington, New England, and Arizona currently have the 2nd through 4th picks and are all in search of a franchise quarterback. That combination makes this year's draft especially likely to create instant superstars, sky-high expectations, and maybe even break some players' hearts (and their friends, families, and even some fans) if they don’t get picked by their first choice team, or don't get picked at all! 

dan orlovsky walking on street, espn analyst

Where to Watch it

Even casual NFL fans will be glued to their TVs, phones, and web browsers looking for the latest news on who got picked, who’s still left and what that means for “their” team. Die hard fans and especially friends and family of potential draftees will no doubt attend watch parties that range from low-key man cave gatherings to high-end catered shindigs, many with local or national media present to capture the moment and record the drama. This begs the question: if you are lucky enough to get the invite to one of these events, what’s the right outfit for such a momentous (and televised!) occasion?

man wearing dress collar polo blue houndstooth at stadium

What to Wear

If you are just hanging at home or in a buddy’s basement with a couple of six-packs, then sweats and a team jersey is probably the go-to look. Of course, potential draftees will be dressed to the nines (more on that below), especially those who are likely to be picked in the early rounds. If you are heading to a “big time” draft event, it's important to strike a balance between looking well put together, but not upstaging the man of the hour - that's the classy move. We suggest taking a look at the collection put together by Dan Orlovsky and Tiki Barber, two NFL legends who know a thing or two about draft day looks.

tiki barber with woman at dinner and watching the sports draft

Best Dressed from Past Drafts

The best (and worst) dressed players from past drafts are still talked about years after the event. Deon Sanders, Lamar Jackson, and Ezekiel Elliot each had their own unique looks on draft day that were right for the place and time. Besides, these guys are all superstars and they could pull off just about any look. A suit and tie, with just a touch of flare, seems to be the smart bet for potential draft picks these days - but where is the fun in that? If you ask me, there is no question that the all-time best draft day look belongs to Brett Favre all the way back in 1991. Rolled up jean shorts exude class! (jk).

man dressed for nfl sports draft

Don’t be that guy!

Consider this: there are over 70,000 college football players in the US in any given year. Only about 250 of them get selected in the NFL draft. If you are invited to a draft party you should look your best because you might end up on national television or in a photo that's still talked about 30 years later. Our best-selling polos strike that perfect balance of understated style and sophistication that is perfect for every occasion. You definitely don’t want to be that guy in the background shot dressed like a clown!

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