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Americana Style and You

Take your look to the next level with foundational Americana style that is all over the red carpet and television. More than just the red, white, and blue, the styles you see everywhere are influenced by the core of American ideas in workwear and elevated, but casual, basics. Everything from Collars & Co. is designed with these ideas in mind and to make your life more comfortable.

cotton polo american marina yacht boardwalk

Knit Polos

You’ve probably seen the dozens of Knit Polos launched by your favorite brands this spring. What sets the Collars & Co. Maranello Knit Polo collection apart is our unique cotton & silk blend that is perfectly stitched to maintain our high standards. Available in three collar types, our modern take on the classic knit polo was created for the gentleman who wants to look good while commuting on redeyes. 

man wearing white knit polo

The 70's are Back

Celebrated and loved, groovy fashion and feel worthy materials are back with period correct staples such as the zip-polo and flared pants. Don’t forget the deep v’s of the button downs shirts and camp collars! Muted colors with some 70’s flare is what you need for that old money look straight out of the “Me Decade”. Take it back to the time of disco balls and shag carpets with your wardrobe in the now-classic Americana look of high-waisted slacks and a wide open collared shirt to show off that yellow gold chain. You don’t need to go to Studio 54 to have a great time with this look - the party will come to you!

man in navy cotton sweater on boardwalk american marina yacht

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