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How To Wear Stripes

Elevate your style game with these simple tips to make sure you’re always looking good in stripes. This pattern can be tricky if you don’t know where to start - that’s where we come in. The most important part of styling your stripes is letting them be the star without overdoing it. In fashion, “rules are made to be broken.” There are two rules that we stand by: Don’t pair stripes with stripes and in most cases we recommend not trying to pair your stripes against other flashy patterns.

man standing against wall wearing pink and white stripe polo

Horizontal or Vertical?

One of the biggest debates about stripes is whether you should be wearing horizontal or vertical stripes. This comes from the idea that vertical stripes are slimming while horizontal stripes can make you look wider. However, this depends on the width of the stripes and the contrast of the colors. Here’s an example. Thin horizontal stripes, with low to no contrast in the colors, will have a slimming effect. While wide, high contrasting horizontal stripes will add “bulk,” if you’re on the slimmer side to begin with. The same idea works with vertical. Low contrast equals a lesser effect of how the stripes affect the shape of your body-type.

man and woman walking down stairs and man wearing blue and white stripe long sleeve dress shirt

Classic Pairings…

As we mentioned, there are classic color pairings for stripes that are slimming and timeless. Our Semi Spread Collar Regent, Monaco and St. Tropez polos are great examples of a modern take on some classic striped pattern that work well in so many outfits. 

The nautical stripe pattern is a classic horizontal example that never goes out of style. The look of this striped design is timeless and a perfect match to white chinos and jeans, along with various blues and neutral tones.

man wearing blue and white stripe polo at sports game with wife

What to Wear With Your Stripes?

You can shape your look with stellar accessories like a solid navy or black blazer. Choose one of the colors in your stripe pattern to pair with and you’ll find your looks are easily put together. The accessories you choose can tie together a look in one fell swoop. Leather belts break up the colors you’re wearing, especially in a high contrast color pattern. By building out your look in a monochrome way, you’re letting the stripes take center stage and elevating your look to be a seamless statement that is not distracting.

ceo justin baer wearing pink and white stripe polo with wife in europe

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