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How We Made It To Shark Tank

Before there was Collars & Co., I lived and worked in Manhattan for over a decade where it was a daily struggle to find the balance between style and comfort. I always wore a dress shirt and a sweater on top because my office was freezing. The problem was, it was so uncomfortable to wear a dress shirt under a sweater. It was hot, the shirt never felt great against my skin, it bunched up and the sleeves would always get stuck at my elbow when pulling the sweater on top. During the pandemic, I devoted time to creating something that would fix my problem. After some experimentation, I created the Dress Collar Polo™. A soft and comfortable stretchy polo, but with a firm dress collar on it.

Justin Baer, founder of Collars & Co. posing on set of the hit television show Shark Tank


Catching The Eye of Shark Tank

This combination of elevated midtown style and comfort made my life easier in ways I could never have predicted. My journey with Collars & Co. began with a simple post on TikTok that my 7 year old daughter actually filmed. I was hesitant at first to post, not ever being on TikTok before. I wasn’t sure if anyone had the same issue with dress shirts as I had.

To my surprise, the post went viral. People loved the idea and were eager to try it out for themselves. The feedback I received gave me the confidence to take things further. I started to explore the possibilities of using the dress collar polo in new and innovative ways as well as how I could incorporate other products that would pair well with it. I experimented with different fabrics, colors, and designs to create a range of collections featuring polos, performance dress shirts, sweaters, and more.

When presenting the idea to friends, they would undoubtedly say, “you’ve got to go on Shark Tank.” I brushed it off as I thought my chances of getting picked out of 20,000 applicants were slim to none. But late one night after watching a Shark Tank rerun on CNBC, I decided to go onto ABC’s website and apply. “What did I have to lose!”

A few weeks later, I received a call from one of the producers who said “You made it!” I remember having to call the producer back and ask him what he just told me because my mind went blank with shock while he was speaking. He laughed when he got my call and said that it wasn’t the first time. Several interviews and months later, I was flying out to LA by myself to pitch. The opportunity to showcase our products to such an esteemed group was momentous, and I was thrilled to be able to secure a partnership with Mark Cuban and Peter Jones after a rigorous negotiation process.

Working With Shark Tank Legends

Working with Mark and Peter has been a pleasure, and their vast business expertise and invaluable guidance have helped us establish Collars & Co. as one of the fastest growing menswear brands in the country.

What started out as a few polos with the goal of bringing together the utmost in style and function has blossomed into a diverse range of collections that cater to the needs of any individual. We have spent numerous hours designing and crafting pieces we know will look great on and feel comfortable all day long.

From our Quattro Flex Dress Shirts, Luxury Touch Quarter Zips, and Sweaters to our CEO Chinos and modern Outerwear that retain all of the classic answers to your outdoor needs, we've worked diligently to keep bringing you products that amp up sophistication without sacrificing comfort.

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