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NBA Draft Night Style

As the 2024 NBA Draft kicks off this week, aspiring players have enlisted the help of stylists and fashion experts to craft their draft day ensembles. This event marks the beginning of these young athletes' professional basketball journeys and promises memorable moments. In recent years, media focus has increasingly turned to the style and fashion statements of the players, who are anticipated to make striking appearances on the red carpet.

well dressed man standing on a city street

Athlete Branding

The NBA Draft was once a simple affair that focused on the next generation of the NBA. Players used to adhere to the traditional ideas of professionalism, dressing in timeless and classic suits. Now, this event has cultivated into a fashion spectacle that creates an opportunity for young athletes to represent their personal brand. With the rise of social media, these athletes have a greater presence in pop culture than ever before. Social media platforms have given them a direct line of communication with their fans. If executed well, personal branding can become a valuable asset to athletes, and fashion plays a crucial role in shaping that brand.

man in well-fitted navy blazer

Last Year’s Standouts

Fashion at the NBA Draft has become an opportunity for players to express themselves. Outfits now serve as a canvas for tributes to personal style, hometowns, family members, and cultural heritage. Taylor Hendricks, selected by Utah Jazz, became the nation’s heartthrob when he revealed the photos of family and friends that lined his jacket. A few athletes chose to challenge social norms and push the boundaries of fashion. Toronto Rapper’s new shooting guard, Gradey Dick, made headlines with his Wizard of Oz-inspired suit. These athletes have proved themselves to make a statement on both the court and the red carpet.

inside label of a high end navy blazer

All About the Accessories

At the NBA draft, there has been a rise of bold and daring fashion choices that stir the media. These young athletes are dedicated to impressing the public. Don't be surprised when you see players flashing Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton shades, and Cuban-linked chains. The night's third overall selection, Scoot Henderson, was welcomed to the Portland Trail Blazers wearing a diamond-embellished suit designed by his sister. His outfit, along with his matching diamond grill, features the birthstones of his family members. Henderson perfectly executed an outfit that turned heads and represented his personal brand.

sharp dressed man outside in all black

2024 Predictions

Our first must-watch players come from overseas. France natives, Zaccharie Risacher and Alex Sarr are anticipated to be high selects. Debuting on the red carpet, we expect they will appear in traditional European professional attire with tailored suits and neutral tones. Matas Buzelis is another highly valued prospect who is rumored to have worked out with the Pistons and the Wizards. We expect Buzelis to look luxurious and sophisticated as he has modeled for GQ Sports and menswear company, Indochino. This year’s two-day NBA draft event will surely give the young athletes ample opportunity to showcase their style.

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