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Our Cool Weather Style Guide

Your wardrobe essentials should include a variety of comfortable pieces that go with everything, making it that much easier to get dressed in the morning. As winter winds down, your transitional weather gear will be center stage. Stock up on versatile pullovers now so you’re ready for every wind that blows your way.

The Foundation: Don't Sacrifice Comfort

Your cool weather wardrobe needs outerwear, layer essentials, and lightweight shirts. The ideal fit has a moisture-wicking and anti-wrinkle shirt, a sweater or pullover, and waterproof coat. With elevated wardrobe essentials, you’ll look fantastic at every layer! 

Let yourself stay cozy in the winter months with style that prioritizes comfort. Choose high-quality fabrics that remain durable long after their first storm. With foundational styles, you want to buy clothing you’ll look forward to wearing everyday. Whether it’s your favorite sweatshirt from college or the newest Italian cotton sweater, what you like to wear will decide what you wear everyday.

Long-Sleeved Foundational Styles

Fundamentals for men’s fashion focus on looking great, but do they talk about how you’ll feel after wearing it all day? With cool weather styles, it is vital to wear clothing that doesn’t move without your say-so. Find diverse colors and patterns in silhouettes that fit your shape without sacrificing what you currently love about your wardrobe. Get it in a neutral color that you can wear with your red blazer without being too loud.

The cornerstone of your wardrobe essentials should include long-sleeved shirts that outlast your daily tasks. The perfect bottom layer, our Quattro Flex line takes your dress shirts to the next level with moisture-wicking fabric and firm collars. To keep your look elevated throughout the day, we kept the cuffs firm with the same patent-pending technology we use in our collars.

Prioritize Versatility

While shopping styles you love, buy looks that you can wear multiple ways. Some examples are the quarter zip collar style that is common among men’s sweaters and pullovers. Another is front pocket in men’s dress shirts. These styles look great and can be worn at every level of sophistication.

The quarter zip collar style gives you the ability to adjust your look at the drop of a snowflake. A wardrobe essential, the versatile quarter zip pullover is the answer to days with twenty degree difference between the highs and the lows. From business trips to date night, it elevates your look with ease.

The epitome of versatility, the Zen pullover reverses from a bright hue to a coordinated shade, multiplying your wardrobe with two elevated looks in one. Created for the traveling executive, this pullover does double duty as a foundational style that works all your favorite shirts.

Elevated Wardrobe Essentials

Having a variety of warm and durable clothing items that can keep you comfortable and protected from the cold is essential this time of year. Wardrobe essentials that make comfort a priority carry you through the worst days. Conquer the gloom with The Cloud Cotton Quarter Zip Pullover. Made from a Heathered Cotton Blend with just the right amount of stretch, this perfect and lightweight piece is the ideal choice when it's time to add a layer, whether you're dressing up or dressing down.

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