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Winning Your Office Bracket

Get more involved socially at work by participating in March Madness. CBS Sports, Yahoo, and even the NCAA host bracket challenges for you or a group to fill out and compete against each other. The bracket itself is divided into four regions: West, East, South, and Midwest. A proper competition bracket for college basketball, this month is devoted to sporting your college colors.

basketball getting net during march madness first round

Identify Your Elite Eight

The Elite Eight are your final eight teams for the last four games. Choosing your final eight allows you to build out your bracket game by game instead of starting with the first set of games and over sixty teams. Working from the final four games allows you to see who your winners are and who they will need to beat to make it to the quarter-finals.

bracket sheet for competitive basketball office betting

Are You Going For Long Shots?

Instead of choosing all your picks from the Top 10 in every match-up, throw in some underdogs. March Madness is chaotic for a reason. People who don’t know anything about basketball will sometimes choose based on mascots or alma mater’s. Let your bracket be diverse to ensure you’re accounting for any surprise wins this season!

win your march madness bracket basketball midair

Looking Towards The NBA

College basketball can be a stepping stone to entering the NBA. March Madness gives collegiate players the chance to show their skills in a competitive environment with real stakes. The NBA draft has two rounds and 60 picks out of the draft class of thousands of college ball players. If players are not chosen in the initial draft, they could be picked for the NBA’s minor league division: the G League. Looking at star players individually could give you an inside look at star teams that could make it to the Elite Eight. A great example of a star player to follow is Tucker DeVries from Drake University. Even though Drake is ranked 10 out of the East region, DeVries is a star player on track to make the NBA.

one man defending basketball against other man in final eight nba tournament march madness

Finalizing Your Picks

Remember March Madness is for fun. Friendly competition is a great way to break the ice between departments that don’t typically interact. Some harmless trash talk or strategy discussions are great ways to keep morale light and off the growing workload as Q1 comes to a close.

man wearing dress collar polo in office discussing basketball march madness brackets

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