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How to Recharge After Your Vacation

Sometimes you need a vacation after your vacation…here’s how we recharge before getting back to the daily grind.  Staying hydrated, organized, and leaving enough time to actually rest before getting into the swing of things will make your transition to work and responsibilities much easier.

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Unpack As Soon As Possible

Even if your clothes are anti-wrinkle, unpacking your luggage within a day of arriving home is the way to keep your clothes fresh and gives you the space to relax. Leaving a fully packed suitcase of dirty clothes in your hallway will only stress you out every time you walk by. Allow yourself to relax by taking care of your laundry and put that suitcase back in the closet so you can finally relax.

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Plan For Rest

The main life hack for travel is to plan time for rest. Whether it’s at every destination on your trip or just when you arrive home, giving yourself time to acclimate to change is the best kept secret. During your travels, plan for a couple of hours to settle into the accommodations before getting ready to take on the city. Instead of rushing to your first museum tour or dinner reservation, you’ll have enough time to solve any issues with work or problems that arose during your flight, like losing your luggage. Padding your time is the easiest way to not fall behind in your itinerary and avoid adding unnecessary stress to your trip.

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Healthy Habits & Hydration

After a particularly adventurous holiday, you may find yourself more tired than you thought and even feeling worn down.  Throughout your travels, keep water handy and get your vegetables in. Maintaining a healthy diet can work wonders on energy levels and make it easier to bounce back to the usual 9-5. Factor in exercise wherever you can! It’ll keep you energized more than you think.

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Pack Comfort & Sophistication

The last tip we have for you on recharging after your vacation is to pack items you enjoy wearing. Comfort is an incredible way to avoid becoming irritable in stressful situations. By packing styles that use breathable materials, anti-wrinkle fabrics and silhouettes designed for travel, adventuring will be a breeze without using an iron, steamer, or even laundry services. Our lightweight products are always designed for the businessman on-the-go.

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