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Order These Drinks On Your Next Date or Business Dinner

When it comes to climbing the corporate ladder or simply impressing your date, the little things can separate you from the pack. Having some great cocktail pairings in your pocket could give you the leg up at your next business lunch meeting or night out on the town.

man wearing regent strip quattro flex dress shirt and woman on date

Like a Gin & Tonic? Order a Negroni

A bold and complex cocktail, the Negroni is perfect for contrasting flavors. The negroni itself is complex with competing flavors from the citrus notes to the lighter juniper taste of gin. Complement your spicy entree with this cocktail and impress your dinner companion by elevating the flavor profile of your entire meal.  A fun pairing for such a complex choice of drink might surprise you…pizza!  The Negroni mingles with the acidity of the tomato sauce and the subtle sweetness of the mozzarella cheese making it the perfect choice.

professional man wearing white dress shirt from collars and co in blazer at home will be drinking a negroni

A Classic Old-Fashioned

This timeless cocktail is known for its popularity and famous connoisseurs like Winston Churchill and Don Draper. Although almost entirely liquor, an Old-Fashioned is a bright take on the deeper flavors of aged whiskey complemented with a touch of sweetness and fruit. Lightly garnished with a twist of citrus and a few drops of bitters, whiskey remains the star of this cocktail. Pair it with dark chocolate and other rich flavors like a steak or grilled meats.

two men wearing dress collar polos at lunch will be drinking white wine with their salads

Shaken or Stirred? The Martini Question

Although made famous by James Bond, martinis are typically stirred to keep the flavor profile from overmixing. By shaking the martini with ice, the drink is diluted and more chilled. Stirring the martini ensures an even and controlled dilution that softens the aroma and flavor of it without losing the essence of a martini. Pair this with salty and lighter food like seafood, or salty meats and cheeses. The bold flavors of the cocktail will enhance your food and pair well with almost anything.

Man wearing Scottsdale dress collar polo at bar ordering a martini for his salty dinner

Can’t Go Wrong With Wine

Although not a cocktail, wine is an important part of any culinary journey. The old adage that red wine goes with red meat and white wine with chicken or fish is not always the rule, but it’s a safe bet most of the time. The truth is drink what tastes great to you. Wine goes a long way in elevating a meal as it’s bouquet and tastes play off of that of the food. 

Impress at your next business dinner or date night with these cocktail pairings and show off your elevated taste for life.  Cheers!

professional man wearing cotton long sleeve dress shirt outside restaurant after excellent meal

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